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Discover Effective, Natural Treatments For Depression at a Free Webinar on Wednesday December 6

1 December, 2017

happy-woman.jpgDepression is a condition that affects an ever-growing number of people in our society. Furthermore, conventional medicine mainly addresses the symptoms rather than addressing the underlying cause(s) of the condition, with antidepressants and psychological therapies being the treatments of choice. Whilst these treatments may be beneficial for some people, others receive little-to-no benefit from these approaches.

On Wednesday, December 6 at 6pm (Perth time), BCN Health will be hosting a free webinar. The guest speaker will be Dr. Adrian Lopresti, a Clinical Psychologist and leading researcher in the field of natural treatments for depression and other mental health conditions.

Here are just some of the topics Dr. Lopresti will discuss:

  • How we can treat the cause(s) of depression, not just the symptoms
  • What are the most effective natural treatments for depression
  • Research on natural supplements to treat depression
  • The importance of using an integrative (holistic) approach to treating depression, and why 'single-targetted' interventions may not be the best way to improve mood.

Also, Dr. Lopresti has agreed to provide all attendees with copies of the webinar slides.

If you would like to attend this exclusive event that is sure to be an eye-opening experience, please click on the link below to register.

PLEASE NOTE: Even if you are unable to attend the webinar on the night, registering for the event will allow you access to the recording as well as the overheads for 48 hours after the webinar has concluded.

Click here to register for the webinar